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About Us

Our know-how comes from direct experience gained in over 13 years of fieldwork.
Along our projects, we have built control and management systems for factories, administrative buildings, production lines, healthy clinics, SPA centers and hotels - opportunity for remote control and data archiving for every one of them.
The most important is always the close cooperation with our customers, to find a common language, understand their specific problems and provide timely responses and solutions.
We are trying to provide user friendly interface, not using the ‘old-school’ black line schemes over grey background, but making the objects get alive with colors, 3D graphics, real images and animations.
Our qualified engineers, customer’s cooperation and some imagination make our projects to Run On Schedule.

Building Management Systems

- HVAC Automation
- Electricity Systems
- Pump Systems
- Fire Protection
- Alarm Archiving
- Communication Status
- Internet Access

High Voltage Circle Monitoring
And Quality Control

- Monitoring of 20kV electricity in one-line scheme
- Communication Status
- Alarm Archiving – signals duplicating and cable isolation, temperature defense

Production Lines
And Factory Automation

Monitoring and control of a 24/7 non-stop process – automatically feeling with material, discharging, temperature control, air pressure control and carbonization control


- Serail and Turkish Bath
- Steam Bath and Ice Cabin
- Emotional Showers
- Swimming Pool
- Jacuzzi

Hierarchy Of Management
Systems And Networks

- Higher layer of the tree operates with a longer interval of planning and execution time
- The lower layers have local tasks, goals, and sensations