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Building Management Systems

A building management system (BMS) is a computer-based control system installed in buildings that controls and monitors the building's mechanical and electrical equipment such as:
- HVAC Automation – control the temperature and quality of the air (CO2), cooling and heating circle
- Electricity Systems – monitoring and control, indoors and outdoors one-line schemes, automatic changeover, systems and diesel generator control, lightning control, electricity measurement and analyzing
- Pump Systems - user-friendly pipe schemes for monitoring sprinkler, hydrophore and sewage pumps
- Fire Protection – early signalization, quick navigation and rapid location of eventual fire
- Alarm Archiving – active alarms and alarm history
- Devise Communication Status
- Web Server and Internet Access - user level authentication and password protection

Building Management Systems

- HVAC Automation
- Electricity Systems
- Pump Systems
- Fire Protection
- Alarm Archiving
- Communication Status
- Internet Access

High Voltage Circle Monitoring
And Quality Control

- Monitoring of 20kV electricity in one-line scheme
- Communication Status
- Alarm Archiving – signals duplicating and cable isolation, temperature defense

Production Lines
And Factory Automation

Monitoring and control of a 24/7 non-stop process – automatically feeling with material, discharging, temperature control, air pressure control and carbonization control


- Serail and Turkish Bath
- Steam Bath and Ice Cabin
- Emotional Showers
- Swimming Pool
- Jacuzzi

Hierarchy Of Management
Systems And Networks

- Higher layer of the tree operates with a longer interval of planning and execution time
- The lower layers have local tasks, goals, and sensations